Monday, 28 April 2008

A wee bit of chivalry

I've been very whiny lately, or so I feel like I have, and I've decided that I'm done being cranky and negative.

It's spring, it's getting warm and is almost time for spring dresses, it's no time to be cranky :)

And, to help me along, I was the recipient of a small bit of very much appreciated gentlemanly behaviour today.

I'd run out for lunch during what was a somewhat hectic day at work and, anxious not to hold up the fast-moving queue at the sandwich shop, I was frantically trying to get correct change out of my purse whilst I waited and, in doing so, I somehow managed to flip several things out of my purse and onto the floor. Credit cards, cash, all scattered around my feet.

Lol, so now I still didn't have the right change counted and my things were all over the place. As I scolded myself under my breath and knelt down (one can't bend in a skirt!) to gather all of my things, the gentleman behind me began helping me, handing me a £10 I had dropped.

It was, in the grand scheme of life, a small gesture...but it was one I very much appreciated and I thanked him profusely. I could be cynical, matter-of-fact even, and allow that he was simply being a decent fellow human being, maybe he was even just being selfish - I was next in the queue and my clumsiness was about to delay his purchase - but I'm going to allow that he was just, quite simply, being a gentleman.

I bought my sandwich and went on my way, feeling a little better about the world :)


David Brady said...

So I hate to suggest this, but perhaps it was a simple act of courtesy, rather than chivalry?

That is, I can't really comprehend why he wouldn't bend down to help you gather your items... to stand there and simply observe would just be downright rude.

To me, chivalry would've been either one of two gestures:

1. Paying for your sandwich after having helped you gather your things, and / or,
2. Inviting you to join him for lunch. After all, one hardly enjoys eating alone -- and one almost always enjoys meeting someone new

aquariux said...

In agreement with David, I would also say that chivalry is more than this. The same happens to me a few weeks ago. A woman nearby, awkward with her bags and, I think she had a young kid, dropped a 5-euro banknote and obviously I got out of my way to take it and hand it to her. I don't even remember exactly how it happened, I don't think I was being chivalrous, this is (or should be) just part of normal human behaviour.