Friday, 25 April 2008

shameless plug for new Google group about male-led relationships

shameless because I started the group ;) It's called Male-Led Relationships in the UK and is intended to promote and encourage discussion on the idea of a relationship based on traditional gender roles. I started it last fall, but then just never got around to doing anything with it.

However, I want and hope to make something of the group now. I think it would be a lovely way for those of us interested in this concept to be able to discuss our thoughts openly.

Additionally, I created a personals page on the group for those of us still looking for a partner to describe what we hope to find.

I've been touched and flattered to discover how many people are interested in my writings here, so hopefully some of you will pop over to the group and join :)

It can be found at:

1 comment: said...

Nice idea but yet another thing to join. Still, an excellent idea and I trust that by now you have found a relationship which fits like a glove.