Sunday, 16 March 2008

Now that's better

Well, after my post last night, I went through the small still-clean section of my clothes and picked out a skirt and coordinating top for today...I wanted to make sure I wouldn't get lazy today.

So this morning, after my "run," which was actually a fast walk, due to the blister on my foot being too sore to allow me to run, I came home and, after a quick shower, changed into proper clothes...the skirt and the top I'd laid out last night.

It was just a knee-length knit skirt, casual and appropriate for a Sunday afternoon of walking around London...but most importantly, it was a feminine outfit. I stood in front of my full-length mirror and didn't need to think and rationalise my appearance, as I did yesterday...I looked feminine today and that was enough.

I started out with a boring but needed errand at an area department store...and in contrast to my feeling yesterday, that constant nagging that I wasn't presenting myself in a feminine manner, I walked around collecting the items I needed in total my skirt, I felt appropriately feminine. Despite its casualness, I was still more formal than most of the women around me, but I didn't care. I was just happy to appear feminine.

And in a possibly coincidental, but cute gesture, the male cashier expressed concerned that I intended to carry my bulky (but not heavy) purchases the half a mile back to my flat, on foot. I smiled, assured him I'd manage, and went on my skirt-clad way. Perhaps he'd have expressed that concern regardless of my outfit, but perhaps not. I like to think that my feminine appearance had something to do with his concern.

Mother nature was being a bit evil on my walk home and the wind and rain did, in fact, make carrying those items rather unpleasant...but eventually, I arrived home and, depositing my items and resting for a moment, I was back out the door to one of my favourite places in London - Fortnum & Mason.

Now, Sunday at Fortnum & Mason is slightly less pleasant than usual, with the hoards of tourists roaming around, but's just so elegant and lovely and steeped in tradition. I could happily wander the food halls for hours.

And it isn't just Fortnum's itself...walking south from my flat on the way there takes me through lovely and quiet streets off Oxford Street, where I can drool at dresses in store windows that I'll never be able to afford, reveling in the fact that I at least live near these lovely shops. Really, the whole journey is always a treat in elegance for me. And as I walked, I pondered how my outfit affected my mood. 'What if I were in jeans and trainers?' I thought. Well, I'd feel almost like an imposter, walking past these couture shops, on my way to Fortnum's regal building...jeans almost seems rude, as though I'm not willing to play my part and be a lady whilst in the presence of the formality and class I walked into.

The food halls at Fortnum's were my destination today, I was treating myself to a box of chocolates for my upcoming holiday to Wales...because though I do love being thin, holidays are always a time for splurging. Though I've chosen some deliciously gourmet restaurants at my destination, these are just a treat I know I'll have over the weekend, whenever I want them. So, after many minutes of deciding which chocolates to buy - decisions not being my strong suit ;) - I got the attention of a very nice (and skirt wearing!) associate and loaded up on my chosen chocolates. Sadly, I didn't have hours today to wander around, but I did have a few spare minutes after finishing with the chocolate wander I did.

Perhaps my setback in jeans yesterday was a good made me really appreciate that though they can be a hassle, skirts are worth it. Walking around Fortnum's glorious shelves of goodies after goodies, I thought back to the days when all of the women in this very store - walking on the very floor I was on - were in skirts and dresses. *Sigh*, another realisation that I was born a century too late :)

After awhile, I left and made my way home, back through the lovely quiet streets, stopping at Selfridges for more chocolate on the way ;) Whilst Selfridges doesn't quite exude the regalness and quiet elegance that Fortnum does, it's still a lovely place...and they have a beautiful fish monger counter, which I will most definitely be making use of once my kitchen things arrive from America in a few weeks.

I had a few more less exciting errands to run after I dropped off the chocolates, but my whole day was just happy and pleasant...all due to my skirt. It almost seems odd, why do I care so much? How did I go so many years in jeans and trousers, not caring how I looked? How did I change? When did I change?

I don't know...I just know that I love feeling and appearing feminine. And now that my laundry is nearly finished and my stock of clean clothes is back to normal, achieving that femininity will be just a little easier.

And on another note...the Ikea boxes are exactly where I left them when I brought them home yesterday. Oh dear. They'll get assembled eventually.


Egghead said...

You really are a gem with a wonderful understanding of femininity. I almost proposed in my last post that you needed a sound spanking for even considering going out in trousers, but I am glad now I did not write that ;-)


Cinderella said...

Lol, but I had a reason!! Well, I thought I did. Carrying a big box down several streets in a skirt just seemed like a bad idea. It's not my fault a minicab appeared to save me, rendering my jeans unnecessary! ;)

Egghead said...

LoL, the vision of you dragging furniture through the streets in stiletto heels and a pencil skirt would have been wonderful to behold and definitely worth the additional effort on your part. No doubt a gentleman would have emerged and offered his assistance.

Sven B. said...

This have surprised me a little. I believed that England was a traditional country where skirts were more common than in my country (Denmark). But it sounds like you're almost alone wearing skirts.

Maybe the times are changing. I have seen a tendency against more skirts and dresses on the streets in Denmark the last years. I hope that this trend will continue. Not that I believe that a majority of women here will wear skirts, but maybe we can get to the point where skirts and dresses are considered just as natural for most women as trousers.

Personally I prefer women to look and dress feminine. I like that there's a difference between the sexes. Not a difference in opportunities, but a difference in appearance. I like working with women professionally. Regardless how they dress. But a feminine woman will automatic earn some extra respect from me.

At last I will compliment you for sticking to your femininity. I understand your reason for wearing jeans. And as Egghead said, if you had the man you deserve, you wouldn't need to wear jeans, ever. But as it is now, you have to adapt to the circumstances.

Sven B.

aquariux said...

And on another note...the Ikea boxes are exactly where I left them when I brought them home yesterday. Oh dear. They'll get assembled eventually.

Did you find a chivalrous man to assemble them for you? ;-)