Saturday, 3 November 2007

Puzzle Pieces Fitting Together

One of the loveliest aspects of a relationship based on traditional gender roles is that the man and the woman are puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly.

A man's role is complementary to a woman's role and vice versa. Men are more decisive and more logical than women, so the man is better equipped to make decisions. But women are more emotional and analytical than men, so a woman is able to soften her use her softer nature to influence him and inject sentimentality into her man's decisions.

Traditionally, men worked hard all day to provide a home and women worked hard all day tending that home...I recently read a few articles on gender roles and they all discussed the increasing trend of blurred gender identities.

Men are becoming feminine and women are becoming masculine. Men and women are becoming each other and at the same time, we're becoming an increasingly individualistic and less harmonious society. But are we happy this way?

Everyone seems to run around proclaiming their hard won and women alike seem proud that they, all alone, can earn income, cook, raise children. But why are we so excited about this trend? Why are we happy that we've become so solitary? Why are we happy that we're exhausting ourselves toward empty goals?

The idea of traditional gender roles is reprehensible to some and at least offensive to most...because society seems to think that if we re-embrace the differences between men and women, rather than celebrate forced similarities, we will go back to the days where women were viewed as second-class citizens.

But I disagree...I have hope that someday, maybe soon if I'm lucky, we'll enter a third phase of gender identities. One where men will embrace and celebrate their masculinity and where women will embrace and celebrate their femininity...and both sexes will appreciate and support each other. Men will appreciate that women are the softer sex and women will appreciate the strength of the male sex.

Idealist maybe, but I think that if we're just finally honest with ourselves, it *could* happen.

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Egghead said...

The certain way for women to be perceived second class citizens is if they aspire to be men. Women will always be terrible at that and the result is spectacularly unattractive. The official idea that women and men should be similar is false and brings nothing but misery to both genders.

The performing arts is an interesting case-in-point because its participants make a living out of being likable. Hence female performers are usually extremely feminine, and those who are not change their image over time. As an example of the latter category consider Melanie C--the tomboy of the Spice Girls, Nelly Furtado and the Canadian teenage rock chick Avril Lavigne. Regardless of whether they made those changes because of a personal desire or due to calculated marketing, it shows that the general public likes women feminine.

Women who embrace their femininity attract and deserve the admiration of the large majorty of women as well as men. Those who do not are making the wrong choice.

You are a fine representative of you gender.