Wednesday, 21 November 2007


Lol, I have a problem with laziness ;) Egghead asked if I had any thoughts on the other side of motivation and drive, which is discipline...and I do! I even started a post on guidance and discipline last week and it's still sitting in my drafts box. Oopsy.

In happier news, it's been an eventful week and I'm soon-to-be employed! I start in a few seems my tortured work on that project paid off.

But for now, I'm headed back to the states to see some of my's my first trip back since I moved here and I'm excited. Of course, I'm equally excited to be coming back to Jolly Old England on Sunday, but'll be a fun weekend :) week, I will try to conquer my laziness and get that post's hoping.

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Egghead said...

Hi Cinderella,

Did you get so busy with the new job that you id not have time to post anymore, or did you faild to conquer the laziness?

Happy New Year!